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Too often, husbands and wives are like two different sports teams using the same locker rooms. They occupy the same space but live as though they are on opposing teams. In "Home Team", Pastors Dorion and Joy provide married couples with the tools they need to live harmoniously and utilize the home field advantage so they can experience God's best in their marriage.


Married & Engaged Couples are invited to join Pastors Dorion & Joy Morgan for this evening of fun and fellowship as they celebrate the release their new book "Home Team: How to Win on the Marriage Field". Books will be available for purchase.


Now available on Amazon!

So often life knocks us down or we make mistakes, and it feels like there's no bouncing back from this one or no coming out and this might be the "last stop", but the Amazing Grace of God finds us where we are and gives us Another Chance.
The question becomes how will you make the most of this new opportunity. This book will help you to see that the love of Jesus Christ and the Amazing Grace of God is available and all you have to do is tap into it. 

A contemporary Christian live worship experience that will heal your soul. Pastor Dorion Morgan & Total Praise are located in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area. They have a contemporary sound that will reach all ages, races, and backgrounds. If you listen to every song, you will be transported into the presence of God where there is healing, strength, deliverance, and salvation. 


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